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01. I was invited but I can't see the Tender
Last Updated 2 years ago

  • If you were not yet registered at the time of receiving the invitation, you should use the procedure for operators who are not yet registered at the time of receiving the invitation:
  1. Connect to the platform. If you have not already done so, please register by entering the required data.
  2. After logging in, click on the link in the invitation letter.
  • If you were already registered at the time of the invitation and you do not see the invitation to tender, we advise you to read the instructions in the invitation letter carefully to understand the type of procedure to which you have been invited. The invitation may relate to:
  1. Negotiated procedure
  2. Request for quotation
  3. Direct negotiation
  4. Direct order

In the control panel you will find the sections for the different types of procedures, with the relative links to the invitations.

If the tender is not present in any of the above sections, it is possible that it has been deactivated by the contracting station. In this case, you should contact the contracting authority directly for clarification.

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